Boris Johnson police arrests 77-year-old pro-climate rabbi

This 14 October 2019 video from England says about itself:

Rabbi, 77, arrested at Extinction Rebellion‘s Bank of England protest

About 100 climate activists from Extinction Rebellion protested on Monday in the City of London, sitting in the road outside the Bank of England from 7am. Police arrested a number of people, including Rabbi Jeffrey Newman, of the Finchley Reform Synagogue. ‘We are in a period of enormous catastrophic breakdown and, if it takes an arrest to try to find ways of helping to galvanise public opinion, then it is certainly worth being arrested,’ he said before being taken away.

Lulav-Wielding 77-Year-Old Rabbi Dragged Away By Police At Climate Protest: here.

Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists yesterday defied a London-wide ban on protests by the Metropolitan Police (Met). The basis cited for the ban Monday evening was a revised Section 14 order, of the Public Order Act, stipulating that by 9:00 p.m., “any assembly linked to the Extinction Rebellion ‘autumn uprising’…must now cease their protests within London.” The ban was followed by the despatch of hundreds of police to clear tents from Trafalgar Square, the one area where protests have previously been sanctioned after other protests were declared illegal and demonstrators subject to arrest. Four people, who had locked themselves together inside a tent, were cut out of their locks by police. Pamela Williams, 71, had glued herself to where her tent stood. She told the press that protesters were only given 30 minutes’ notice to quit before the 9:00 p.m. deadline: here.

One of those arrested was Ellie Chowns, a Green Member of the European Parliament (MEP). She said in a video posted on Twitter, “Yesterday, public protest was banned throughout our capital city. This is a completely unjustified and disproportionate measure. … The rules have been changed. … No longer is any space in London allowable for peaceful democratic protest.”

Australian governments, Labor and Liberal-National alike, and police authorities across the country have responded to Extinction Rebellion (XR) climate demonstrations over the past week with vicious denunciations and police-state measures. Thousands of people have taken part in various protest actions in the major cities. In some cases, they have blocked traffic and carried out other stunts, as they have condemned the refusal of successive governments to take any action to mitigate or resolve climate change: here.

Researchers have developed a method for statistically predicting impacts of climate change on outbreaks of tularemia in humans. New results show that tularemia may become increasingly common in the future in high-latitude regions: here.

Britain: Anger as Extinction Rebellion included in police list of extremist organisations.  [HuffPost UK]

UK home secretary defends citing Extinction Rebellion in police guide to extremism: here.

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