Donald Trump Pirates of Penzance musical parody

This 12 October 2019 musical parody video from England is a parody of the musical The Pirates of Penzance, especially its Major-General’s Song.

It says about itself:

Donald Trump performs “I Am the Very Model of a Very Stable Genius” from his musical Pirates of Pennsylvania, written with Dilbert and Sullivan.


I am the very model of a very stable genius
I’m bigly brave and strong in all the ways that Mussolini was
My wisdom is unmatched and very great, you guys, I’m serious
My IQ is so yuge that it can leave me quite delirious

I’ve got all the best words, like ‘liddle’, ‘Nambia’ and ‘covfefe
I’ll build a wall to stop illegals and get Mexico to pay
They’re bringing drugs and crime and they will rape you ‘cause they’re bad hombres
And I’m the greatest POTUS in the history of the USA

I like to quote the bible, like that bit from Two Corinthians
I do the greatest deals, I can tell you, I’ve made billions
The Fake News like to Witch Hunt me, it makes me kind of bilious
But I’m the very model of a very stable genius

I’m big on fossil fuels ‘cause there’s no such thing as climate change
I’ve got a stash of nukes in case we need to blast some hurricanes
Windmills give you cancer, trust in me and my tremendous brain
I made a perfect phone call to the President of the Ukraine

Oh, there is no collusion, it’s just all a big conspiracy
That Adam Schiff can go to hell and so can Nancy Pelosi
The Dems all need to get a grip, just like I used to grab pussy
‘Cause I am very stable and I’m very, very geniusy


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