Kurdish Dutch people on war in Syria

Syrian families fleeing the Turkish invasion, AFP photo

Translated from Dutch NOS TV, 11 September 2019:

We asked Dutch people with a Kurdish or Turkish background how they view it [Erdogan’s invasion of Syria].

The Kurdish-Dutch film maker Beri Shalmashi fears a genocide. “Erdogan has announced an attack for which he will receive support from the United States of America, which has given him a free hand.” …

She thinks the Kurds are “almost silly” that they relied on equal cooperation with the US Americans in the fight against ISIS. “You can almost call them disposable heroes. If it comes in handy, then everyone likes to work with them. When they have finished, they are on their own again.”


The Kurdish-Dutch PhD student Yusuf Çelik recognizes the pattern. “The Kurds are almost getting used to being abandoned. There is a saying among the Kurds: ‘the mountains are our only friends’, that applies now.”

Shalmashi and Çelik think that yesterday’s threat by Erdogan to open the gate to the EU for refugees will not be without effect. “It seems that Europe [rather, European Union politicians] is more afraid that refugees are coming our way than of people being killed“, says Shalmashi. …

[Turkish Dutch Cemil] Yilmaz hopes that this “wicked war” will end soon. “People are used as pawns in a sad geopolitical game.”

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