Poacher’s 370 eels set free again

This 2010 video from Ireland is called How to feed & film freshwater eel underwater in the wild.

From Dutch NOS TV today:

A poacher was arrested on the Loosdrecht Lakes,

a nature reserve

who had more than four hundred kilos of illegally caught eels on board.

Investigation officers were tipped that the man sailed his boat across the Loenderveense Plas, while that is not allowed there. He is said to have forced a lock of an entrance gate to enter the water.

After the tip, it was decided to keep an eye on the man. On Friday he could be caught red-handed when he emptied the traps. At that time he had around 370 adult eels on board, neatly sorted in four tons.

Exceptional catch

A spokesperson for Recreatieschap Midden-Nederland told NH News that it is exceptional for a poacher to be caught with so much fish. According to the spokesperson, it has not been a hobby that got out of hand, but a professional fisherman who has taken the illegal path.

The man has been arrested and his boat, fishing nets and poaching tools have been seized. The fish caught has been released. The man will be prosecuted for sailing in forbidden areas, out of season fishing, unlicensed fishing and poaching protected animals.

This Dutch video is about poaching in the Netherlands.

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