Dutch right-wing politicians suspects of corruption

Dutch The Hague right-wing alderman Richard de Mos, now a corruption suspect

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Police raid against aldermen in The Hague on suspicion of bribery and corruption

In the city hall of The Hague, the National Criminal Investigation Department is searching the offices of two aldermen and the workplaces of a number of civil servants. The investigation focuses on official corruption, bribery and violation of official secrecy.

These alderman are Richard de Mos and Rachid Guernaoui. The former is alderman for Economy, Sports and Outdoor Space and in addition 1st deputy mayor, Guernaoui is alderman for Finance, Integration and Districts. They are suspected of, eg, arranging permits for businessmen against payment.

Both aldermen are members of the political party Groep de Mos / Heart for The Hague.

That party is a result of a quarrel, and then a split, in Geert Wilders‘ xenophobic PVV party. De Mos was originally elected as a PVV MP and local councilor. He is a global warming denialist.

Dozens of dertectives

The homes of the aldermen and the addresses of three entrepreneurs in The Hague who are suspected of bribery are also being searched. An examining magistrate from the Rotterdam District Court is in charge of the searches. Dozens of government investigators and two prosecutors are also taking part in the campaign.

One of the suspect businessmen was an election candidate for the De Mos / Heart for The Hague party. He allegedly financially supported the party in exchange for, eg, confidential information from the city council. In addition, a party council member is suspected of being involved in official corruption.

The situation around the chambers of The Hague parties in the city hall was ‘frozen’ this morning, reports Omroep West broadcasting organisation. Council members and group staff from other parties were not allowed to walk past the chamber of Groep de Mos / Heart for The Hague. Furthermore, they were not allowed to take mail from their mailboxes.

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