Racism, sexism, whistleblowers intimidated in Dutch police

This 27 June 2019 United States TV video says about itself:

The Plain View Project Exposes Pervasive Police Racism | The Daily Show

A new review of police officers’ social media accounts by the Plain View Project reveals that many cops have posted vehemently racist sentiments online.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Critical senior police officer: “Whistleblowers are being intimidated and eliminated”

The suspended police commissioner Fatima Aboulouafa has spoken critically about the treatment of whistleblowers by her employer. “People who come out or report certain signals to the police are first intimidated, then dehumanized, then isolated and then eliminated,” she said on the Jinek TV show.

Aboulouafa in a message on Instagram in June this year drew public attention to racism, abuse of power and bullying within the police organization. Last Tuesday she was suspended because her criticism supposedly caused “too many internal tensions” within her own unit. In Jinek, she commented on that measure for the first time.

Police whistleblower Fatima Aboulouafa

Senior officer Aboulouafa has been working for the police for 23 years and since a year has led a unit of 130 police officers in Leiden. Previously, she was the chief at the police station on the Hoefkade in The Hague. There, too, she has raised internal abuses about discrimination and other abuses several times.

She states that within the police organization too much is being looked the other way in cases of discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying. “The problem that I am now addressing is looking away, it is about failing leadership and it is about not being able to have difficult conversations.”

According to Liesbeth Huyzer of the police management, several proposals have already been made to reach a solution. Aboulouafa called this “a pertinent lie”. “The only suggestion made to me was to have a talk with the unit manager.” …

The police force in The Hague was previously in the news because of problems within the organization. Two weeks ago, sources told the NOS that in part of the force there is discrimination, excessive use of violence and a sick culture. Senior officers, despite signals from employees, are said to not have intervened.

Dutch seniotr police officer accused of sexual assault: here.

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