Cartoon on Trump jailing children wins prize

Trump jails immigrant children, cartoon by Gorilla

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The Inkspot Prize for the best political drawing of the year has been won by the cartoonist collective Gorilla for a drawing about Donald Trump’s immigration policy. The drawing shows the letters TRUMP in the form of bars surrounded by hands.

According to the jury, the drawing is a “visual play on words” about Latin American migrant children who were arrested on the southern border of the United States, separated from their parents and locked up … ”

The Gorilla drawing collective consists of Herman van Bostelen, Richard van der Laken, Pepijn Zurburg, Alex Clay and Karin van den Brandt. The winning drawing was made by Van Bostelen and appeared in De Groene Amsterdammer weekly in June 2018.

FLORIDA CHILD DETENTION FACILITY TO CLOSE  The Trump administration is shutting down one of the largest U.S. facilities for child migrants, which had come under intense criticism because of its regimented conditions and the contractor’s ties to a freshly departed White House official. [AP]

US detains record number of child migrants at the southwestern border: here.

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