25 thoughts on “‘Billionaires should not exist’, Bernie Sanders says

  1. Dear mister Sanders,
    You have to get in the White House first. Then you need the majority in both houses. It would not harm if you had the majority in the High Court and it would help if you could rewrite the Constitution. But first of all you have to win the nomination of the Democratic Party. Wish you luck mister Sanders on you policies.
    My regards,
    Raymond Horstman.


  2. The corporate media is embarrassing themselves more each day with increasingly desperate smears against Bernie Sanders and the ideas of our national progressive movement.

    The attacks will only get worse as they fully realize that Bernie’s ideas (which threaten big money’s control of our government) are defining the 2020 presidential election. To fight back, we must continue doing what we’ve done for the last three years: organize at the grassroots level across the country to bring more Americans into the political process.

    Our Revolution


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  8. As long as the wealthy did not get their wealth through cheating the system, that they did not get rich off of our backs, that they paid their share of taxes why do some people obsess about the amount of wealth possessed by other people?


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