Cretaceous era animals, video

This 2017 video is called The Evolution of Life part 10 : Cretaceous.

Another, 19 September 2019, video used to say about itself:


FEATURED TAXA: Shuvuuia, Repenomamus, Iberomesornis, Stegoceras, Psittacosaurus, Armadillosuchus, Neimongosaurus, Protoceratops, Citipati, Velociraptor, Nodosaurus, Struthiomimus, Euoplocephalus, Zhenyuanopterus, Kaprosuchus, Chasmosaurus, Koolasuchus, Austroraptor, Regaliceratops, Concavenator, Rajasaurus, Ouranosaurus, Sarcoshuchus, Neovenator, Yutyrannus, Parasaurolophus, Bajadasaurus, Edmontosaurus, Suchomimus, Pteranodon, Tyrannosaurus, Arambourgiania, Dreadnoughtus.

3 thoughts on “Cretaceous era animals, video

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