Terschelling island birds, plants and crocodile

This July 2016 video is about Doodemanskisten lake on Terschelling island.

After our arrival yesterday, Doodemanskisten was a short walk for us on 17 September 2019.

Many black-headed gulls. A grey heron. Mallards.

Then, a crocodile sculpture.

On 28 October 2013, unfortunately, the biggest tree near Doodemanskisten lake on Terschelling island in the Netherlands was blown to the ground by a storm.

Then, warden Pieter Schaper made this 90-year old black pine tree into a crocodile sculpture.

This video shows how that happened.

We walk on, to the Groene Strand area. European honeysuckle flowering.

Two grey lag geese.

Cross-leaved heath, partially still flowering.

Sea-buckthorn berries.

In a small lake, a herring gull swimming.

As we walk back, guelder rose berries.

A bit further, parasol mushrooms.

Fireweed flowers.

When we are nearly back, broadleaf plantain flowering.

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