Young goldfinches and wood sandpiper

This Dutch video is about the Crezéepolder. In November 2018, that area became a freshwater tidal nature reserve. The video shows some of the many birds there.

On 8 September 2019, we went there.

Near the entrance, a flock of some 40 young goldfinches.

A wood sandpiper looking for food on a mudflat.

Two snipes.

Two lesser black-backed gulls.

Barn swallows flying around.

Two coots.

A common sandpiper flying.

A flying Egyptian goose.

On the footpath, a dead hare.

Fifteen spoonbills standing in the water.


Gadwall ducks.

A northern lapwing on a mudflat.

A house martin up in the air.

Great cormorants.

A mute swan.

A grey heron. An oystercatcher.

Barnacle geese.

A male kestrel resting on a lampppost.

Jackdaws. A magpie. A great crested grebe in the water.

Water rail sound.

Yellow common fleabane flowers.

Stay tuned, as there will be more 8 September 2019 wildlife on this blog!

2 thoughts on “Young goldfinches and wood sandpiper

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