Pro-climate strikes, 20-27 September, New York

The climate crisis is a working class issue
The climate crisis is a working class issue — and the working class has the power to stop it!

Show solidarity with climate strikes and protests September 20-27!

By 2100, 96% of the global population may not have sufficient access to a naturally occurring essential brain-building omega-3 fatty acid, according to a study in the journal Ambio. Global warming may reduce the availability of Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), the most abundant fatty acid found in mammalian brains, which has a crucial role in processes such as neuroprotection, cell survival, and inflammation. Despite its requirement for neural development and health, humans are unable to produce enough of their own DHA. They rely on obtaining the nutrient through a diet of fish and seafood, and/or by taking supplements: here.

12 thoughts on “Pro-climate strikes, 20-27 September, New York

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