Driver ants’ queen, video

This 5 September 2019 video is about a royal palace, less expensive than for humans in the Netherlands:

The Queen’s Arrival | Natural World: Ant Attack | BBC Earth

The driver ants march day and night, anticipating the arrival of their new Queen. She is brought to her new palace – a nest made entirely out of live ants.

In a quiet patch of forest, life is about to be turned upside down for its animal residents – the ants are coming. Spiders, scorpions and even forest crabs don’t stand a chance. As food runs out, the ants, driven on by the ever-hungry grubs in the nest, have no choice but to attack the not so easily defeated termites. Armed with chemical weapons and fearsome jaws that could crush an ant to pulp, they’re the ants’ toughest adversaries. From the raw terror of battle to the inner-workings of an ant colony, this is television as you’ve never seen it before.

2 thoughts on “Driver ants’ queen, video

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