Reptiles in Florida after Hurricane Dorian

This 5 September 2019 video from Florida in the USA says about itself:

Check out the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian at Kamp Kenan and discover a couple of surprises as well! Spoiler alert I try to show the blue iguana that ran and we have new wild gator resident in the turtle pond.

Hurricane Dorian racing toward Nova Scotia after lashing Massachusetts: here.

BAHAMAS TOWN FLATTENED BY DORIAN Nearly a week after disaster roared in from the sea, Marsh Harbour on Abaco island felt empty Saturday. A hot wind whistled through stands of decapitated pine trees and homes that collapsed during the most powerful hurricane in the northwestern Bahamas’ recorded history. Elsewhere in the Bahamas, rescuers were still trying to reach some communities isolated by floodwaters and debris after the disaster that killed at least 43 people. [AP]

NOAA WARNED STAFFERS NOT TO CONTRADICT TRUMP A top official with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warned staffers last week not to contradict Trump’s false claims about Hurricane Dorian’s path, according to The Washington Post. [HuffPost]

NOAA TO INVESTIGATE AGENCY’S SUPPORT OF TRUMP’S FALSE CLAIMS The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s chief scientist will investigate whether the agency’s response to Trump’s misleading tweets about Hurricane Dorian violated NOAA policy. [HuffPost]

Hurricane Dorian: Tens of thousands homeless in the Bahamas as damage assessed on Canadian coast: here.

The destruction caused by Hurricane Dorian lends weight to the prediction of climate scientists in the United States and internationally that as global warming continues unabated, hurricanes will increase in severity and intensity: here.

Trump blocks refugees from Bahamas as humanitarian catastrophe unfolds: here.

As the official death count from Hurricane Dorian rose to 50 on Tuesday, local Bahamian press reports are estimating thousands killed from the Category 5 storm over the past week: here.

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