United States presidential candidates’ climate change debate

This 27 August 2019 from The Young Turks [TYT] site in the USA says about itself:

TYT To Host Climate Change Town Hall

The DNC [Democratic party National Committee] won’t have a climate change town hall, but TYT is stepping up to the plate. We can’t do it without you though. Make a Climate Town Hall happen.

“San Francisco (CNN). Democratic National Committee members on Saturday voted down a resolution that would have resulted in single-issue debates among candidates — including on the issue of the climate crisis.

The language that was rejected — inserted at the behest of climate change activists during a contentious Resolutions Committee meeting on Thursday — said the DNC, “will continue to encourage candidates to participate in multi-candidate issue-specific forums with the candidates appearing on the same stage, engaging one another in discussion.”

Democratic presidential candidates are barred from appearing together on stage outside of DNC-sanctioned debates.

The committee’s approved language from Thursday “essentially lifted the ban on candidates being unable to appear together on a stage at a forum or a candidate gathering,” Washington State Democratic Party Chair Tina Podlodowski, a leader in the effort, told CNN. DNC members defeated the move to lift such a ban Saturday in a 222-137 vote. There were multiple observers from both sides who monitored the vote count.

Prior to the voting, DNC Chairman Tom Perez set up a system for members on both sides to speak about their reasoning.”

Read more here.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

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