Puerto Rico, after Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Dorian?

This 28 August 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Puerto Rico on edge as Tropical Storm Dorian nears. ABC News

Many in Puerto Rico are still living with the devastation of Hurricane Maria, including 30,000 residents still living under blue tarp roofs.

SAN JUAN MAYOR TO TRUMP: GET OUT OF THE WAY San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz lambasted Trump’s tepid response to a likely hurricane bearing down on Puerto Rico, telling him to “get out of the way” as officials prepare for a storm that could threaten recovery efforts still underway more than a year after Hurricane Maria. [HuffPost]

DISASTER RELIEF DOLLARS SENT TO BORDER Trump’s administration is set to pull $271 million from the Department of Homeland Security — including $155 million allocated for the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Disaster Relief Fund — to pay for immigrant detention and hearing space for asylum-seekers forced to wait in Mexico. [HuffPost]

7 thoughts on “Puerto Rico, after Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Dorian?

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