Deinonychus caused new views on dinosaurs

This 28 August 2019 video says about itself:

The Raptor That Made Us Rethink Dinosaurs

In 1964, a paleontologist named John Ostrom unearthed some fascinating [Deinonychus] fossils from the mudstone of Montana. Its discovery set the stage for what’s known today as the Dinosaur Renaissance, a total re-thinking of what we thought we knew about dinosaurs.

Refugees’ plight, in computer game, Libyan reality

This 28 August 2019 video says about itself (Associated Press):

Video game takes gamers through perilous journey of refugees

A video game that helps tell the story of a Syrian refugee’s perilous journey of escape. Abdullah Karam is the main character of this video game called ‘‘Path Out’‘. The game takes gamers through his escape from the war-torn country in 2014.

“I’ve faced mines, I faced soldiers. We got shot at one point, we ran away. But you see the decision you make, it’s not like you sit on the couch, you’re there, you’re in it. It’s like in a video game, your reflex is like in the video game. You’re like; ‘Okay well, I have to run now. This is the level where I run’‘, he said.

Karam now lives in Austria after harrowing experiences through Turkey. He arrived in Austria in 2015 and met George Hobmeier who runs a small independent video game studio, Causa Creations..

“We wanted to do something intentionally cute that displays something that is not cute at all. In the beginning, this is not so obvious, but later on in the levels where you meet ISIS soldiers and they are these tiny 32 by 32-pixel beings that kind of bumble around the screen, it becomes like; ‘Oh, this is really awful.’ But it’s cute, which makes it even more awful. So, that was the aesthetic reason behind it. And the other one was actually that we did want the game to be very accessible”, Hobmeier said.

So what informed the choice of a video game to draw attention on the plight of refugees?

“Games actually are a format where people are willing to spend sometimes a ridiculous amount of time. So for them, I’m just going to play this one hour a game, it’s nothing, but it’s still compared to other like a short newspaper article about migration, it’s a lot of information on a subject. Packaged in a funny game’‘, Hobmeier added.

Karam now works in marketing and hopes the video game will serve a noble cause.

“I really personally hope that people will change their mind about refugees and how they get approached. It’s very wrong interpretation what we have as refugees here. You see, I had to face a lot of wrong interpretations about us”, Karam said.

‘‘Path Out’‘ is currently available on video game distribution sites Steam and

The creators say they hope to produce more detailed, bigger budget version of the game in the future.

This 28 August 2019 video says about itself:

“We’re in a Crisis of Deaths”: Migrant Death Toll Tops 900 in Mediterranean as 40 Die Off Libya

At least 40 refugees and migrants are feared dead off of the coast of Libya after a boat carrying dozens of people en route to Europe capsized Tuesday morning in the Mediterranean Sea. … With Tuesday’s tragedy, the number of migrants and refugees who have lost their lives this year in the Mediterranean en route to Europe is up to 900. Meanwhile, far-right European leaders like Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini continue to criminalize refugees and migrants, as well as humanitarian aid workers who often lead search and rescue missions in the Mediterranean. We speak with Charlie Yaxley, spokesperson for the U.N. Refugee Agency.

Angular crabs on Terschelling island

This video from England says about itself:

Angular or Square crab in Devon

Goneplax rhomboides, filmed at Sprey Point, Teignmouth January 2018. These odd-looking crabs can sometimes be found alive washed up on the sandy beaches of Torbay, particularly after rough seas.

They usually live in burrows on muddy/sandy bottoms from the shallow sublittoral to 100m depth.

Translated from wildlife warden Joeri Lamers on Terschelling island in the Netherlands, 28 August 2019:

In recent months I have seen more and more reports of discoveries of angular crabs on the beaches. Usually they are dead animals, but also some live ones. The Wadden Sea Society even had one in their aquarium this summer. The angular crab is a newcomer to our coast, it used to be found in somewhat more southern waters that stay warmer on average, and therefore it benefits from the warmer water.

Beach finds

This weekend I found a dead specimen on the beach at beach pole 8. Earlier, I had already found loose carapaces, especially after the hard January storm in 2017. Actually since that time you see the discoveries increase, including through This summer, I think it suddenly became a lot, and also spread over a large part of the Terschelling beach. Most finds are between beach pole 3 and pole 7, but they are also found at pole 16. I like to hear new notifications, put them in the comments under this blog post.

Warmer seawater

This crab lives on average in reasonably warm waters, especially south of the English Channel and in the Mediterranean Sea. The North Sea was always too cold for them because this is a shallow sea that cools quickly in the winters. Deeper water maintains a more constant temperature. The water in the North Sea gets warmer on average, with opportunities for these and other species.

In 2016, this species was found for the first time on a Dutch beach; on Ameland island, east of Terschelling.

United States presidential candidates’ climate change debate

This 27 August 2019 from The Young Turks [TYT] site in the USA says about itself:

TYT To Host Climate Change Town Hall

The DNC [Democratic party National Committee] won’t have a climate change town hall, but TYT is stepping up to the plate. We can’t do it without you though. Make a Climate Town Hall happen.

“San Francisco (CNN). Democratic National Committee members on Saturday voted down a resolution that would have resulted in single-issue debates among candidates — including on the issue of the climate crisis.

The language that was rejected — inserted at the behest of climate change activists during a contentious Resolutions Committee meeting on Thursday — said the DNC, “will continue to encourage candidates to participate in multi-candidate issue-specific forums with the candidates appearing on the same stage, engaging one another in discussion.”

Democratic presidential candidates are barred from appearing together on stage outside of DNC-sanctioned debates.

The committee’s approved language from Thursday “essentially lifted the ban on candidates being unable to appear together on a stage at a forum or a candidate gathering,” Washington State Democratic Party Chair Tina Podlodowski, a leader in the effort, told CNN. DNC members defeated the move to lift such a ban Saturday in a 222-137 vote. There were multiple observers from both sides who monitored the vote count.

Prior to the voting, DNC Chairman Tom Perez set up a system for members on both sides to speak about their reasoning.”

Read more here.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Paranthropus prehistoric hominins, video

This 24 August 2019 video says about itself:

Paranthropus Evolution

2 million years ago an upright walking group of hominins roamed Africa. Not our ancestors but Paranthropus. Who were they? How are we related? Did they give us herpes? Also, other questions!

Fossils suggest tree-dwelling apes walked upright long before hominids did. The 11.6-million-year-old bones still don’t tell us how members of the genus Homo became bipeds: here.

Trump’s nuclear bombs, Bob Dylan musical parody

This 26 August 2019 musical parody video from Britain is called Blob Dylan – Blowin’ Up the Wind (Trump/hurricanes song).

It is a parody of the Bob Dylan song Blowin’ In the Wind.

It says about itself:

Donald Trump is Blob Dylan on hurricane-nuking new single “Blowin’ Up the Wind”.


How many nukes must a man deploy
Before he can kill hurricanes?
How many times has the bomb saved our ass?
Just ask ISIS and Saddam Hussein
Yeah, and how many times must I float this idea
Before they stop saying I’m insane?
The answer, my friend, is blowing up the wind
The answer is blowing up the wind

Yeah, wind is tremendously dangerous
Windmills give you cancer, it’s true
You probably ought to listen to me
I’ve got a 150 IQ
I’m not taking shit from no hurricane
They’re worse than a disloyal Jew
The answer, my friend, is blowing up the wind
The answer is blowing up the wind