44 thoughts on “Trump’s, corporate Democrats’, plutocratic US election campaign

    • The problem is that then, politicians become dependent on billionaires; democracy becoming plutocracy. Eg, candidate Harris now reneging on her earlier support for Sanders’ Medicare For All proposal.


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  2. The enemies of grassroots organizing are mobilizing. Again.

    The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee – following the lead of establishment House Democrats – is blacklisting vendors who are working to elect progressives to the US Senate.

    Add your name here to stand against this direct attack against progressive Democrats from the corporate establishment. We will be delivering these signatures to the DSCC.

    We need to send Chuck Schumer a strong message – We won’t allow you and the establishment to rig primary elections with desperate and discriminatory blacklists.


    The Corporate wing of the Democratic party just escalated their attacks on progressives by expanding the blacklist to the Senate as well.

    That means candidates who believe in addressing climate change, getting big money out of politics and ensuring that health care is a human right are being kneecapped by the establishment.

    Sign here to stand against the corporate wing’s desperate attempt to blacklist progressives and kneecap our growing grassroots movement:


    We are dead serious about our mission to get big money out of politics, restore a democracy of the people, and pass bold progressive legislation like Medicare for All and the Green New Deal.

    That’s why it’s so important that we elect real progressives to help President Sanders in the Senate.

    We will not back down in the face of the establishment’s pathetic attempts to stop voters from electing senators who represent what’s good for the American people, not multinational corporations.

    Stand against the Senate Blacklist: https://go.ourrevolution.com/Senate-Blacklist


    The whole team at Our Revolution

    PS: We will be delivering these signatures directly to the DSCC to show them that our grassroots movement is far stronger than their increasingly desperate political games


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