Kentish plovers are back at Dutch beach

Dutch Zeeland Kentish plover sign, photo Omroep Zeeland

This photo shows a closed off part of a beach near Renesse village in Zeeland province in the Netherlands. The sign shows a Kentish plover picture, with as caption: I am nesting here.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Rare Kentish plover revives in Renesse

The Kentish plover is back in Renesse. The rare bird appears to benefit greatly from the closure of a stretch of beach near the Zeeland village. Eight chicks were born from twelve litters.

Staatsbosbeheer is happy with the result. The beach will close again next year, the nature management organization has already announced to Omroep Zeeland. …

“I think it is very important to protect this bird species because I want to maintain biodiversity,” says Margo van der Meulen, bird warden. She is pleased with the intervention by Staatsbosbeheer, which closed the so-called Verklikkerstrand near Renesse to the public for the first time last year.


The problem last year was that the closing off was not sufficient. The Kentish plover nests were trampled by holidaymakers and dogs.

This year, the set-up by Staatsbosbeheer was successful, mainly due to the deployment of birdwatchers who warned the tourists. They shared flyers and gave explanations.

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