South Yemen revolts, Saudi regime losing war?

This 11 August 2019 video from Aden is called Saudi-Led Coalition Moves Against Separatists in Yemen.

By Bill Van Auken in the USA:

Southern separatists overrun Aden, exposing fraud of US, Saudi puppet regime in Yemen

13 August 2019

Last week, a separatist militia overran Yemen’s southern port city of Aden, forcing the flight of the handful of ministers loyal to the puppet President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi

who is under house arrest in Saudi Arabia, where he had been allowed to flee to after resigning as president

that were still in the country.

The events have laid bare the abject failure of four years of murderous war to create anything approaching a stable US and Saudi-backed regime in the impoverished Arab country. At the same time, the takeover of Aden heightened fears in Washington that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) … may be distancing itself from the bellicose US policy in the region.

The tumultuous events have played out in the context of the mounting crisis of the Saudi-led and US-backed war that has killed tens of thousands of Yemeni civilians while leaving 80 percent of the population in need of food assistance and several million on the brink of starvation. The country is facing what is acknowledged as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

The divergence of interests and objectives between the two principal partners in the so-called coalition waging this war— Saudi Arabia and the UAE—have become increasingly impossible to mask. This is particularly the case in the wake of the UAE’s decision announced in June to withdraw the bulk of its military from Yemen and abandon positions it had held in the northeast and northwest of the country.

It has turned over many of its positions, as well as large quantities of arms, military vehicles and equipment, to a disparate collection of militias reportedly comprising 90,000 fighters. These militias include both the Security Belt, which is loyal to the separatist Southern Transitional Council, and the Republican Guard, headed by Tariq Saleh, the nephew of longtime dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh, who directed military campaigns against the south over the course of 20 years.

What they share in common, and with the UAE, is their lack of any support for the ostensible goal of the Saudi-led war, the restoration of the so-called legitimate government of President Hadi. This was the official justification for a war against the Houthi rebels who seized the country’s most populous areas in the north, along with the capital of Sana’a, and were marching on Aden before the Saudi-led intervention began in March 2015.

While the violent events in Aden over the past week have exposed the fraud of this so-called government, the trigger for the alleged clashes is by no means clear.

Aidarous al-Zubaidi, the leader of the Southern Transitional Council, charged that its affiliated militia, the Security Belt, had to choose between “self-defense, or surrender and accepting the liquidation of our just cause.”

The “cause” to which he refers is the recreation of the state of South Yemen, which was known before 1990 as the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen and had been closely aligned with the Soviet Union before the turn by the Stalinist bureaucracy toward capitalist restoration and the dissolution of the USSR. Under pressure from Moscow, the South Yemeni regime united with the north. Regional tensions, however, persisted, resulting in an attempted secession and civil war in 1994.

There were also reports that an Islamist militia aligned with the US-Saudi puppet regime had killed one of the separatist commanders and that members of the presidential guard had fired on the separatists first, provoking the clash.

For its part, supporters of Hadi accused the southern militia … of carrying out a “coup”. The militia members apparently stormed the presidential palace after taking over surrounding military bases following a call by the deputy head of the Southern Transitional Council to “topple” the Hadi regime.

This was by all accounts not a difficult task. The movement of the southern militia sent cabinet ministers loyal to Hadi rushing to a Saudi jet to be flown out of the country. The militia took control of the presidential palace as well as other government buildings and bases, together with heavy weaponry, along with the port of Aden and the city’s airport. Many of Hadi’s troops reportedly defected to the separatists. …

Saudi media reported that Hadi met Sunday with his patron King Salman [of Saudi Arabia] on Sunday. Thus far, the “legitimate” president has made no public statement concerning the ouster of his officials from their last redoubt in Yemen.

This 1 May 2018 video says about itself:

South Yemen Independence: Socialism in Arabia?

Is South Yemen heading towards independence and will it return to its former socialist republic roots? Find out here!

CRACKS SHOW IN A CRITICAL MIDEAST ALLIANCE Cracks have begun to appear in the partnership of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, as the Yemen campaign staggers toward stalemate and tactics differ over confronting Iran’s behavior in the Gulf. That may, in turn, become a headache for the Trump administration, already frustrated by the Saudi-UAE spat with Qatar. [CNN]

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