South Yemenis drive Saudi puppet government away

South Yemenis, Reuters photo

This Reuters photo shows South Yemeni militants. They wave the flag of South Yemen; which became an independent state with a leftist secular government in 1967 after an uprising against British colonial rule.

In 1972, the North Yemeni regime, with help by Saudi Arabia, waged a short war on South Yemen.

In 1979, there was another short war between the North Yemeni regime with help by Saudi Arabia against South Yemen.

In 1990, North and South Yemen united. However, there was dissatisfaction in the south with dictatorial (North) Yemeni President Saleh. An uprising re-established southern independence for a few months in 1994, until it was suppressed with United States support.

Today, Dutch NOS TV reports that supporters of an independent South Yemen have driven the Saudi puppet government out of the south’s biggest city, Aden. The president of the Saudi puppet government was not in Aden anyway, but under house arrest in Saudi Arabia.

7 thoughts on “South Yemenis drive Saudi puppet government away

  1. This is good news.

    ALL governments intending to get recognised by People, MUST organise against the current US, and against the likewise MASSmurderous SAUDI government.

    DENMARK’s newly democratic govermment will support the Yemenis FURTHER.

    TRUMP will CAVE in and pretend, as if “nothing was”: trump gave WEAPONS massively to saudi-arabia – covered up as “anti-terror” — trump WILL not be PRESIDENT ANYMORE, in 2020. But BERNIE, of course. 🙂 THAT means then FURTHER good News. Which the MEDIA will try to lie about, of absolutestly course, in their swineries and malsights. But they GOT no chance against us the People.


    • I agree, there should be peace in Yemen. One should hope this is a step towards the Saudi regime admitting defeat and withdrawing its forces from Yemen, and stopping air raids.


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