Wedding guests killed in NATO’s ‘new’ Libya

This 3 July 2019 video is called Airstrike hits migrant detention centre in Libya.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

“At least 40 dead in bombing of Libya wedding”

At least 43, AFP news agency writes.

At least 40 people were killed in an air strike in southern Libya. AFP news agency and the British broadcaster BBC report that, based on Libyan government sources.

The BBC writes that the victims fell at a wedding in Murzuq, a city located in the southwest of the North African country.

The bombs were said to have been dropped by General Haftar’s troops. News channels affiliated with Haftar confirm that Murzuk has been bombed …

It looks life Haftar is a diligent pupil of his sponsors in Washington and in Saudi Arabia, sponsoring his bloody war in Libya. As both the United States government and the Saudi government habitually bomb weddings; from Afghanistan to Yemen.

EX(?)-CIA asset Haftar, by the way, calls himself higher than general: ‘field marshall’.

In April, Haftar launched an offensive to also take the capital Tripoli. According to World Health Organization WHO, at least 1,000 people have died in those fights since then.

French-backed Libyan militia airstrike kills 42 civilians: here.

7 thoughts on “Wedding guests killed in NATO’s ‘new’ Libya

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  4. REBEL General Khalifa Haftar has given pro-government militias three days to withdraw from Libyan capital Tripoli — or see “unprecedented” violence descend on their home city.

    The threat is aimed at the Misrata militias, groups which played a role in the revolt against Muammar Gadaffi in 2010 and are now defending the UN-recognised government, which only controls Tripoli and a few nearby areas.

    Gen Haftar said that Misrata itself, situated around 115 miles from Tripoli, would be targeted “every day, non-stop and in an unprecedentedly intensive way” by his forces if they did not leave the capital, which he has been fighting to conquer for eight months.

    His Libyan National Army launched air raids against sites where Turkish weapons and military equipment donated to the UN-recognised government had been cached, he said, in bombings that the Tripoli government’s Prime Minister Fayez Sarraj said caused heavy civilian casualties


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