NATO visits Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 16 February 2016 video is called Europe Refugee Crisis: NATO plans to halt flow of refugees.

Today, the WordPress statistics of this blog registered a visit from an office of the NATO military alliance.

They especially visited yesterday’s post on Dear Kitty. Some blog about the protest in The Hague, the Netherlands against the role of NATO in making people refugees and stopping these refugees if they flee to Europe.

Welcome, NATO employees, like all visitors to this blog!

I hope you will learn something from your visit that will help to stop NATO policies of wars and xenophobia.

Intractable divisions between the imperialist powers that twice in the 20th century exploded into world war are again undermining international alliances key to the affairs of world capitalism. This was the content of a long, deeply pessimistic interview French President Emmanuel Macron granted to Britain’s Economist, declaring the NATO alliance between America and Europe to be dead. The interview contained statements virtually unprecedented for a French president in living memory: here.

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