Birds and insects of De Horsten woodland

This Dutch video, from February 2014, warmer than usual, is about a walk with wildlife ranger Lisette van Pelt through De Horsten woodland in Wassenaar in the Netherlands.

On 29 July 2019, we went there.

Not far from the entrance, a speckled wood butterfly.

We walk along an alley with oak trees on both sides. On some trees, signs say: Warning. Oak processionary caterpillars. De Horsten has a history as royal family hunting estate. Like on many other estates, oak tree rows were planted along roads. This increases the oak processionary caterpillar problem, as the caterpillars can pass easily from one of their oak tree favourites to another one. Alleys with more varied species of trees would help to diminish the oak processionary problem.

Jays calling. Another species attracted by oak trees, as they eat acorns.

Flowers attract painted lady butterflies, large earth bumblebees and hoverflies.

A male chaffinch on the footpath.

Ground-ivy flowering.

So does narrowleaf plantain.

A robin sitting on a fence.

A song thrush on a lawn.

United States, Trump still separating families

This 31 July 2019 PBS TV video from the USA says about itself:

The American Civil Liberties Union says the Trump administration has continued to separate migrant children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border, despite a federal judge’s 2018 ruling to stop the practice. Amna Nawaz talks to the ACLU’s Lee Galernt about how many kids have been affected, why the numbers are rising and what the administration’s rationale is for the separations.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Human rights group: USA unjustly separates families at the Mexican border

The American human rights organization ACLU says that 911 children were separated from their parents in the past year after they had travelled illegally from Mexico to the United States. That practice was officially stopped last June, but according to ACLU it still occurs regularly due to tampering with rules. The organization has now asked a judge for clear criteria.

A year ago an international fuss arose about separating children from their parents in reception centres along the US American border. That happened with about 2,700 children. President Trump reversed the practice after fierce criticism; shortly thereafter, a judge also ended it. It left room for exceptions, for example when a child is in danger or the parents have a criminal record.

The American Civil Liberties Union now says that the authorities are stretching those exceptional situations. A one-year-old girl, they say, has been taken away from her father because he let her sleep with a dirty diaper on.

Very possibly, because the prison did not want to provide clean diapers.

In another case, the reason was that a parent had once driven a car without a driver’s license. “The government should not circumvent a court ruling with matters such as minor traffic violations”, says an ACLU spokesperson.

The human rights organization relies on documents provided by the Department of Justice. 185 children were younger than 5 when they were separated from their parents.

ACLU: 900+ KIDS SEPARATED AFTER JUDGE ORDERED HALT The American Civil Liberties Union told a judge that President Donald Trump’s administration has separated more than 900 migrant children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border since June 2018, despite a court order for the government to curb the practice. [HuffPost]

More than 900 children taken from their families in the last year. Trump administration continuing family separations at US-Mexico border despite court order: here.

JAY INSLEE CALLS TRUMP A WHITE NATIONALIST AT DEBATE Asked about immigration reform, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said: “I think we’re missing two central statements… No. 1: We can no longer allow a white nationalist to be in the White House,” Inslee said to applause. “And No. 2, we have to make America what it’s always been. A place of refuge.” [HuffPost]

RNC HOST CITY ALREADY HAVING REGRETS Republican Party leaders scoping out locations to renominate Donald Trump for president next year have arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina, a city that has labeled his statements “racist” and that almost wishes it had never invited the GOP in the first place. [HuffPost]

Endangered South African penguins, video

This 29 July 2019 video says about itself:

Endangered Penguins of South Africa – 360 | National Geographic

The populations of African penguins, a species of penguins found along the coasts of South Africa and Namibia, are declining largely due to the depletion of fish stocks in the sea, and habitat encroachment. See them in their natural habitat and how the injured or abandoned of these seabirds are being rehabilitated.