Sudanese military kill schoolchildren

Sudanese schoolgirls demonstrate in Khartoum

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

The military regime in Sudan has closed all schools in the country indefinitely. With this, the regime responds to large-scale demonstrations by students in protest against the shooting of five people at a demonstration in the city of El Obeid, more than 400 kilometres southwest of the capital Khartoum. Four of them were students.

The protesters protested Monday about the increase in bread and fuel prices in Sudan, when snipers opened fire on the crowd. Dozens of people were injured.

The result was that in Khartoum and other cities hundreds of students, dressed in school uniforms and waving Sudanese flags, took to the streets yesterday. The authorities then closed all schools, from kindergartens to secondary schools, until further notice. In El Obeid the state of emergency has been declared and there is a curfew.

“The authorities are aware that the boiling point has been reached in the streets of Sudan,” says Africa correspondent Koert Lindijer. “It is not the first massacre in recent weeks. People are furious with the military and in particular the Rapid Support Forces militia. They have been made responsible for the massacre in El Obeid and demonstrators are now demanding that it be removed from Khartoum. With the schools closed, the authorities hope to get rid of the protest.”

Unacceptable crime

UNICEF has protested to the regime and calls for an investigation into the events in the city. “No child should be buried in a school uniform”, says a statement from the UN children’s rights organization. The junta’s chief, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, condemned the shooting. “Shooting peaceful civilians is an unacceptable crime.”

Two weeks ago it was agreed that the generals would share power in Sudan with six civilians. There would be further talk about the political future yesterday, but that consultation was canceled by the opposition.

Even before Monday’s shooting, there was a lot of anger about the conclusions of an investigation into the bloody break up of a massive protest against the junta in Khartoum on 3 June. A camp of protesters was attacked there, according to doctors 127 people died. The soldiers and the public prosecutor claimed it was seventeen dead.

A bit like the Trump administration in the USA covering up the death toll of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Tens of thousands of students and youth took to the streets this week, after Sudan’s armed forces opened fire on a youth rally over bread and fuel shortages in El-Obeid, the regional capital of North Kordofan, Monday. Six people were killed, including four school children, and more than 60 injured. The military junta has now closed down all the nation’s schools: here.

United States, Trump still separating families

This 31 July 2019 PBS TV video from the USA says about itself:

The American Civil Liberties Union says the Trump administration has continued to separate migrant children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border, despite a federal judge’s 2018 ruling to stop the practice. Amna Nawaz talks to the ACLU’s Lee Galernt about how many kids have been affected, why the numbers are rising and what the administration’s rationale is for the separations.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Human rights group: USA unjustly separates families at the Mexican border

The American human rights organization ACLU says that 911 children were separated from their parents in the past year after they had travelled illegally from Mexico to the United States. That practice was officially stopped last June, but according to ACLU it still occurs regularly due to tampering with rules. The organization has now asked a judge for clear criteria.

A year ago an international fuss arose about separating children from their parents in reception centres along the US American border. That happened with about 2,700 children. President Trump reversed the practice after fierce criticism; shortly thereafter, a judge also ended it. It left room for exceptions, for example when a child is in danger or the parents have a criminal record.

The American Civil Liberties Union now says that the authorities are stretching those exceptional situations. A one-year-old girl, they say, has been taken away from her father because he let her sleep with a dirty diaper on.

Very possibly, because the prison did not want to provide clean diapers.

In another case, the reason was that a parent had once driven a car without a driver’s license. “The government should not circumvent a court ruling with matters such as minor traffic violations”, says an ACLU spokesperson.

The human rights organization relies on documents provided by the Department of Justice. 185 children were younger than 5 when they were separated from their parents.

ACLU: 900+ KIDS SEPARATED AFTER JUDGE ORDERED HALT The American Civil Liberties Union told a judge that President Donald Trump’s administration has separated more than 900 migrant children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border since June 2018, despite a court order for the government to curb the practice. [HuffPost]

More than 900 children taken from their families in the last year. Trump administration continuing family separations at US-Mexico border despite court order: here.

JAY INSLEE CALLS TRUMP A WHITE NATIONALIST AT DEBATE Asked about immigration reform, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said: “I think we’re missing two central statements… No. 1: We can no longer allow a white nationalist to be in the White House,” Inslee said to applause. “And No. 2, we have to make America what it’s always been. A place of refuge.” [HuffPost]

RNC HOST CITY ALREADY HAVING REGRETS Republican Party leaders scoping out locations to renominate Donald Trump for president next year have arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina, a city that has labeled his statements “racist” and that almost wishes it had never invited the GOP in the first place. [HuffPost]

Endangered South African penguins, video

This 29 July 2019 video says about itself:

Endangered Penguins of South Africa – 360 | National Geographic

The populations of African penguins, a species of penguins found along the coasts of South Africa and Namibia, are declining largely due to the depletion of fish stocks in the sea, and habitat encroachment. See them in their natural habitat and how the injured or abandoned of these seabirds are being rehabilitated.

British Home Secretary Patel, punk rock parody

This 29 July parody music video from Britain is called Sacked Patels – Priti Vacant (lyric video).

It is a parody of Pretty Vacant by the Sex Pistols.

It is about Priti Patel, the new Home Secretary in Boris Johnson’s Conservative government.

It says about itself:

Why did Priti Patel, our new Home Secretary, have to leave her previous ministerial role? Find out on “Priti Vacant” by her Sex Pistols tribute band, Sacked Patels, fronted by the iconic Priti Rotten.


There was no point in asking the Foreign Office
Because Boris Johnson was out on the piss
If anyone asks, yes they did have a hunch
That Netanyahu and I went out to lunch

Oh I’m so Priti, I’m so Priti
I’m vacant
I met with Bibi, met with Bibi
On vacation

Don’t ask about the meetings ’cause I wasn’t there
Okay, there were a couple, but just that – I swear
Alright, I confess, there were a dozen or so
I said we’d send them money
Don’t tell the FCO

Oh I’m so Priti, I’m so Priti
I’m vacant
I met with Bibi, met with Bibi
On vacation

Alastair Campbell, Blair’s spin doctor, parody music

This 30 July 2019 parody mu=sic video from Britain, about Tony Blair‘s spin doctor Alastair Campbell, recently expelled from the Labour party for voting for the Liberal Democrats, which is against Labour rules, says about itself:

Spin Doctor – Two Faces (Alastair Campbell song)

Alastair Campbell is Spin Doctor!


If you want to blow up Baghdad
Just go ahead now
And if you want to unleash jihadJust go ahead now
And if you want to vote for Lib Dems
Just go ahead now
And if you want to portray jews as pig men
Just go ahead now

Labour expulsion got me vexed up
I’m proper narked, now
It’s worse than the dossier I sexed up
To bomb Iraq, now
Saddam had mass destruction weapons
That’s what I said, now
But I want a second referendum
So I’m exonerated, now

Here is my open letter
TLDR: Dave Miliband would be better
I fucked up the world in 2003
But I know what a Labour PartyBritish state-Murdoch attack on Labour party’s meant to be
I know what a Labour Party’s meant to be

Alastair Campbell, one of the key figures in Tony Blair’s 1997 Labour government, announced this week he no longer wants to be a member of the party. The sentiment among most Labour Party members was “Good riddance to bad rubbish”: here.

Yellowstone, USA wolves hunting, video

This 30 July 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

After a long winter, the wolves of Yellowstone go after weaker prey.

RNA — the short-lived transcripts of genes — from the “Tumat puppy”, a wolf of the Pleistocene era has been isolated, and its sequence analyzed in a new study by Oliver Smith of the University of Copenhagen and colleagues publishing on July 30 in the open-access journal PLOS Biology. The results establish the possibility of examining a range of RNA transcripts from ancient organisms, a possibility previously thought to be extremely unlikely because of the short lifespan of RNA: here.

New right-wing Greek government attacks students

This 2014 video is called Learn Greek Holidays – [1973] Athens Polytechnic Uprising – Επέτειος του Πολυτεχνείου.

So, the new right-wing Greek government not only attacks refugees

By George Gallanis:

Greece’s New Democracy party seeks to overturn law protecting students from police repression

30 July 2019

The proposal by Greece’s new Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, a member of the right-wing New Democracy (ND), to end the country’s Academic Asylum law must be taken as a serious warning by the Greek working class. The Greek ruling class is preparing the grounds for a dictatorial state reminiscent of Greece’s 1967-1974 junta, from whose bloody legacy the law was born.

The law, put in place in 1982, bars police from entering university campuses. Police can only enter campus grounds if given permission by university administrators. The law guarantees students protection from arrest or state brutality. Such a law exists nowhere else in Europe.

The law was put in place in response to the brutal murder by the US-backed military junta of at least 23 students and pedestrians, including a five-year-old boy, during the uprising at the Polytechnic University in Athens, now called the National Technical University of Athens, on November 17, 1973. On that day, the third day of protests, students launched a strike under the slogan of “bread, education, freedom”. Students were calling for the downfall of the Greek military junta, led by CIA-connected George Papadopoulos, which had taken power in 1967. That day, tanks and soldiers would come crashing through the university’s gates and carry out the slaughter.

November 17 is marked annually by demonstrations of youth and workers throughout Greece in remembrance of the victims of the Greek military dictatorship.

In 2011 the law was scrapped under the [‘center-left’] PASOK government, and for the first time since the collapse of the junta in 1974, Greek police entered university campuses on November 17 of the same year, a day marked by Greece’s largest protests in years. That evening, police entered the campus of Aristotle University after chasing a group of youth into the grounds.

The Syriza government, led by former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, reinstated the asylum law in 2017. …

New Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis (ND) promised to increase state violence and repression. He said, “We will strengthen the police, which has to do its job well. We have to protect policemen, while there has to be more police activity in the centre of Athens. For the next government security is a political priority … Police commanders of precincts that go into hostile areas will be rewarded.”

Mitsotakis is putting forth the lie that the Asylum law has allowed university campuses to become festering centers of violence and drug use. He said, “We want universities where students and teachers aren’t afraid; universities that we are not ashamed of … I pledge that no space will be occupied in our public universities. The gangs that today exist there will be eradicated.”

In reality, Mitsotakis, representing the aims of the Greek ruling class, wants to strip away protections from the working class and students that would prohibit the ND government from violently repressing, or as Mitsotakis bluntly put it, “eradicating” demonstrations and strikes by students and workers. This aim is also bound up with the fact that campuses have also been used by refugees as shelters from the Greek police.

In every country the ruling class is responding to the growing revolutionary challenge from below with a sharp shift to the right and toward dictatorial measures. The threat to scrap the Academic Asylum law comes at a time of growing class tensions that have seen a wave of explosive protests and strikes.

Baby elephants, BBC video

This 27 July 2019 video says about itself:

Baby Elephants are So Clumsy! | First Year on Earth | BBC Earth

Newborn elephants are the biggest babies on earth, in more ways than one.

The findings, published in the September issue of Ecology Letters, indicate how elephants employ a diverse array of strategies that they adjust based on ecological changes. In particular, poaching causes elephants to switch their movements. The study results indicate that landscape conservation efforts should consider the needs of the different tactics elephants display: here.