14 thoughts on “Puerto Rican mass rebellion

  1. 💞🇵🇷💞 … thank you very much!! This is an excellent post. It describes/summarizes correctly the details of what’s happening in Puerto Rico. There’s lots of work to do still. This didn’t end with the Gov’s resignation.?

    I’m in Puerto Rico as I write. I’ve been here since 6/25 … I’ve seen it all unfold. I haven’t been in the protests but I’ve been following all of it. It’s fascinating to watch ‘my people’ rise this way.

    It’s been a lesson to the USA (if they cared to learn) and to the world.

    Thx for writing & sharing this info in your post!! 🙏🏽

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    • Dear Horty,

      Thanks for your kind words!

      All the best for you and the people of Puerto Rico!

      Indeed, it is not finished. As I heard people say, after ‘Ricky’, the ‘junta’ will have to go.

      Indeed, this is a lesson for waging opposition to Trump and corporate rule in the USA and elsewhere.

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      • La Junta and so many other officials! And then … I think the political parties won’t work. Seems to me, the people may vote for ‘candidates’ rather than party line. The young people, millennials, have really taken over and won’t put up with ‘the old ways’ … I’m learning to really admire our ‘millennials!! TY … 🙏🏽

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        • As far as I know, the origin of the two-party system in Puerto Rico was whether the island should be an associated US territory or a US state. While colonial capitalist exploitation is possible in both situations. And now the issues are more corruption vs. anti-corruption, corporate rule vs. anti-corporate rule.

          It reminds me a bit of the United States two-party system. In the days of Abraham Lincoln, Republicans were anti-slavery, Democrats pro-slavery. Now, under Trump, the Republicans are the most racist party. While both the GOP and the corporate Democratic establishment are pro-capitalist, pro-war, etc.

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