Glasshouse leafhopper, new species in the Netherlands

Glasshouse leafhopper, photo by Weia Reinboud

Translated from Dutch Vroege Vogels radio, 19 July 2019:

It was discovered at the beginning of April this year: a new species of leafhopper (Cicadellidae) for the Netherlands. Maarten Reinboud from Amsterdam found the three-millimetre-small animal in his garden, just over 500 meters from Amsterdam Central Station.


After extensive research, it appears that this is the “Hauptidia maroccana“, a species that occurs up to the middle of France and in southern England. In England, this leafhopper is called: glasshouse leafhopper. The animal is mainly found there on tomato plants in greenhouses and on all kinds of garden plants. This leafhopper is therefore seen as a pest insect. …

There are currently 410 species of cicadas in our country and six of them are from outside Europe. Four of these belong to the leafhoppers (Cicadellidae), one to the Delphacidae and the sixth one is a treehopper (Membracidae).


Many leafhoppers are monophagous or oligophagous, which means that they are specialized in one plant species or one plant family respectively; they often prefer to die rather than eat from another plant. The Hauptidia maroccana is special because it is a polyphage species, so it likes all kinds of plants.

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