More anti-nazis than nazis in Kassel, Germany

This 6 November 2018 video from Yad Vashem in Israel says about itself:

Lore Mayerfield Stern, born in Marburg, Germany, talks about the [1938] Kristallnacht pogrom in Kassel, and how she and her mother hid in the home of their German neighbors to escape the violence and vandalism.

More about Kassel, today.

This 20 July 2019 German video is about a demonstration by neo-nazi party Die Rechte (the Right Wing) in Kassel today. According to police, 100 right-wingers demonstrated. While over 8,000 anti-nazis protested against them.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Thousands of counter-protesters in Kassel against right-wing extremist protest

In Germany, at least 8,000 people participated in a counter-demonstration against a small, right-wing extremist movement demonstrating today in Kassel.

In the German city, Walter Lübcke was shot dead seven weeks ago at his home. The main suspect is right-wing extremist Stephan E. …

E. is against the [‘too lenient’] immigration policy that the Christian democrat politician advocated, but is said not to have said anything to the victim during his murder. He is also said also to have twice considered shooting Lübcke before. …

Opponents saw the demonstration as a provocation. Because of the location and date: exactly 75 years after the failed assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler.

On Monday, July 22, a man from Eritrea was gunned down on the street and seriously wounded in the town of Wächtersbach in the state of Hesse. On Tuesday, around 500 people gathered at the scene to hold a vigil and express their horror over the act. Just a few weeks ago, a neo-Nazi executed the politician Walter Lübcke in nearby Kassel. The assassin in Wächtersbach, 55-year-old Roland K., had evidently sought out a victim with dark skin. He fired several shots at the Eritrean from his car and then drove away after hitting his target … The perpetrator of the attack is a known racist. According to information from the local radio station, he had boasted in his local bar “Zum Martinseck” that he was planning “to kill a refugee now.” He then drove eight kilometres to Wächtersbach and sought out the local integration office for refugees for a victim: here.

At the same time that new neo-Nazi networks linked to the intelligence services, police and army are being uncovered across Germany, state governments are systematically expanding the powers of all of these forces. In the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the ruling SPD-CDU coalition, headed by Manuela Schwesig (SPD), plans to implement a new, much tougher police law after the summer break: here.

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