Hyenas’ undeserved bad reputation

This 15 July 2019 video from England says about itself:

Who’s laughing now? | Natural History Museum

Hyenas don’t have a great reputation, but have they just been misrepresented?

Museum scientist Dr Natalie Cooper explains some of the reasons why these amazing animals deserve a little more love.

The Natural History Museum in London is home to over 80 million specimens, including meteorites, dinosaur bones and a giant squid.

8 thoughts on “Hyenas’ undeserved bad reputation

  1. That was good insight. I never understood why those animals got a bad reputation. Whether it’s used as a term to mean someone bad and cowardly or using it as a villainous motif, it just made me scratch my head. Maybe part of that trend came back in 1965 with Claw from Kimba the White Lion since he had hyena henchmen in that anime. We all know that Disney would never plagiarize the idea of some scarred lion who hangs around with hyenas 29 years after the fact, right? Hahaha! Seriously, it’s good there are people trying to destroy that bad rap.


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