United States teenagers against Yemen war

This 7 July 2019 video from United States senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says about itself:

These High Schoolers Want You To Know About The War in Yemen

The Yemeni people need humanitarian aid, not more bombs. These incredible high schoolers are organizing to put an end to U.S. participation in Saudi Arabia’s brutal war in Yemen. I believe that as more young people get involved in the political process, we can achieve great things, like bringing peace to the desperate people of Yemen.

US military drone shot down over Yemen. Two US officials say drone was brought down on Tuesday south-east of the capital Sana’a: here.

Donald Trump vetoes bills prohibiting arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Arms package includes thousands of precision-guided munitions and aircraft maintenance support: here.

UK receives report documenting Saudi cover-up of unlawful Yemen airstrikes. Comprehensive independent analysis will add pressure after June ruling that UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia are unlawful: here.

British target training of Saudi air force ‘did not stop Yemen atrocities’. Court documents in arms sales case show civilians were bombed soon after training sessions: here.

5 thoughts on “United States teenagers against Yemen war

  1. This is an awesome piece that highlights why we have no business getting involved in this war. We shouldn’t be aiding the Saudis. We are because they’ve got some type of leverage on this President. This piece illustrates the atrocities happening in Yemen. Well done!


    • Hi, thanks for your comment! It is true that the relationship between Trump and the Saudi crown prince plays a role in this war. However, the relationship between the Saudi and US governments (and US Big Oil and Big Weapons corporations), buying oil, selling weapons, is decades old. Including under the previous administration when the war on Yemen started in 2015 and weapons were sold.


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