Trump’s immigrant concentration camps, musical parody

This 4 July 2019 music video from Britain is called The P-45’s – Trump Camp (“Love Shack” [by the B-52s] parody).

It says about itself:

Donald Trump sings about his concentration camps – sorry, detention centers – to the tune of “Love Shack”.


If you see a faded sign by the side of the road
That says, “1000 miles to the Trump Camp
Trump Camp, yeah I’m heading down the Guatemala highway
Looking for the land of liberty
Fleeing from the gangs and the misery

I got you some cages, they’re all dirty and cramped
That’s the way it goes down at the Trump Camp
Obama did it first but I do it much worse
So hurry up and drink out of the toilet!

The Trump Camp is a little old place where
We can separate you
From your babies
(Trump Camp babies!)
Trump Camp! Baby, Trump Camp!

I say, woo! Stay away, fools!
But since you’re here, it’s the Trump Camp
It’s guarded by patriots who’ll call you a whore
If you ask to go shower, ‘cause they get off on power

I’m so glad I did this
Liberals are so pissed
Crying little brown kids
My base will really love it

The Trump Camp is a little old place where
You can get dysentery
Trump Camp dysentery

2 thoughts on “Trump’s immigrant concentration camps, musical parody

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