Ethiopian Israelis protest against police killing

This 3 July 2019 video from Kenya says about itself:

An 18 year old young Ethiopian Jew has been killed in cold blood by an Israeli police[man]. According to the family, Solomon Teka was playing with his friends in a playground when an off duty policeman shot at him sniper style. Ethiopian Jews across Israel have been holding public demonstrations against the police.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Young Ethiopian Jews rebel against discrimination in Israel

In Israel, great unrest has arisen among the Ethiopian-Jewish community since a police officer shot an unarmed young man of Ethiopian descent. On Tuesday and Wednesday, there were fierce clashes with police in various cities in Israel. Some 150 people were injured …

At least 135 demonstrators were arrested.

The long-standing discontent among Ethiopian Jews erupted after the shooting incident in Haifa last Sunday. A police officer was there in his spare time … in a playground, when he noticed a group of … black youth. … He shot. 18-year-old Solomon Teka was fatally hit. …

According to eyewitnesses, there was no need to shoot, the officer was never in danger. The man was arrested and being interrogated.

Discrimination and police violence

Ethiopian Jews see the incident as the umpteenth expression of discrimination and police violence against the community.

The Ethiopians were secretly evacuated by Israel from Ethiopia to Israel in the late 1980s to protect them from hunger and war. In Israel, with a population of 9 million, they form a separate and largely impoverished community of 150,000 people. They suffer from racism, discrimination when looking for work and structural police violence. The younger generation of Jews of Ethiopian descent refuses to accept the situation and has rebelled more often. …

The Israeli government, after the riots, has admitted that the group is being disadvantaged.

Protest against the killing of DSolomon Teka in Tel Aviv, AFP photo

10 thoughts on “Ethiopian Israelis protest against police killing

  1. Major props for using a Dr. Mumbi video. She’s awesome.

    To the subject at hand, this is a shame and I hope justice is done. The Beta Israel community is one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world even going back to Old Testament days. This was racist, uncalled for, and no one’s calling it an anti-Semitic attack. News flash: Ethiopians ARE Semites as well since it’s an Afroasiatic ethnic and language branch. The mistreatment against Ethiopians let alone other African groups is sad. The live in poverty, face police brutality (even a Beta Israel IDF soldier was beaten up by police a few years ago), discriminated, and their women were forced to be sterilized against their will. Heck, they even kicked out Eritrean and Sudanese families even if they followed Judaism last year. Unbelievable. Thanks for covering this story.

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