British austerity, but not for royals

This 25 April 2019 video says about itself:

How much do taxpayers really spend on the British Royal Family? You might not be British but the exact cost is actually amazing! And if you know them then you probably know a lot about their lavish lifestyles.

From the clothes they wear to the vacations they take, it sure looks like they’re spending millions of dollars without worrying about saving money or any of the other financial concerns that most of us have. Even if you don’t know much about the likes of the Queen, Prince William and Harry or Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, you’ve almost definitely heard a little about their extortionately priced royal weddings.

Every year in June, a full report on the Royal finances is published, which details a breakdown of funding and expenditure. When you see members of the family spending millions on a private jet or fancy renovation, you might wonder exactly how much the public is coughing up to fund it. But the real cost, on a person by person basis, might surprise you.

From the Republic site in Britain:

Massive increase in royal spending “outrageous” say campaigners

25 June 2019

Anti-monarchy campaigners have called for a full parliamentary inquiry into royal spending after the release of this year’s finance report.

The official report, which ignores most of the £345m annual costs, shows the core grant increasing by £3.6m. Spending on travel for Prince Charles has jumped by a third to £1.33m.

Meanwhile, the taxpayer has been hit with a £2.4m bill to create a new home for Harry and Meghan in Frogmore Cottage.

Graham Smith, speaking for Republic, said today:

“The dishonest spin about what this costs each taxpayer has to stop. We now need a full inquiry into this blatant misuse of public money.”

“When MPs were caught abusing their expenses ten years ago there was an outcry. Now is the time to be outraged by royal expenses.”

“How can Prince Charles justify £417,000 for a brief visit to Cuba?

Probably that is just the sum paid by British taxpayers, not counting what Cuban taxpayers paid.

I visited Cuba for fourteen days. Cost: about £2,000. Paid by me, not by taxpayers.

Why are we still spending thousands of pounds for Prince Andrew’s travel? Why are the Windsors still using the family train at £20,000 per trip?

”This year’s increases are outrageous at a time of widespread spending cuts. But this is just one detail in a litany of scandal.”

”Republic has calculated the true annual cost at £345m, set out in our own Royal Finances report. That includes lost revenue from the Duchies, security and huge costs met by local councils.”

”If even one school or hospital is facing cuts we cannot justify spending a penny on the royals. Yet with all public services under intense financial pressure, we throw £2.4m at a new house for Harry. This is corruption being hidden in plain sight.”

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