German villagers stop nazis from drinking beer

This 22 June 2019 video from Ostritz, Germany shows a demonstration against a nazi music festival there.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

No beer for neo-nazis: village takes away drinking supplies

Visitors to a neo-nazi festival in Ostritz, Germany, cannot enjoy a beer this weekend: the inhabitants of the village have taken away the entire supply of alcoholic drink.

Many of the 2,400 inhabitants of the village do not want the Schild und Schwert festival, where extreme right-wing bands perform for around 750 spectators. Moreover, people were afraid that drunken festival-goers would cause nuisance.

A judge therefore imposed an alcohol ban on the festival grounds: 4400 liters of beer from the organization were seized in the run-up to the meeting, another 200 liters were taken from visitors.

To be sure that the visitors would not buy liquor at the local supermarket, the entire supply was bought up. Volunteers took around 120 crates with them in shopping carts and a trailer.

Murder of Lübcke

In addition to the purchase, the villagers have planned further events to protest against the right-wing visitors. A peace festival is held in the village square: a football tournament is held on a cheerful fake beach and the text of the constitution is distributed free of charge. There was also a counter demonstration, where around 300 demonstrators came.

More than 300, according to the caption of the video on top of this blog post.

The radical ideology is current again in Germany after the murder of the politician Walter Lübcke, for which an extreme right-wing suspect has been arrested. In addition, there was unrest again around Eid-al-Fitr (the Islamic holiday) in Chemnitz.

GERMAN TOWN KEEPS NAZI FESTIVAL BEER-FREE Neo-Nazis were met with a sober welcome last week when they arrived in the town of Ostritz in Saxony to attend a right-wing music festival. A court had ruled that no alcohol could be served or consumed at the event, and Ostritz locals reportedly banded together to buy all the beer in town, just to be sure. [HuffPost]


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