4 thoughts on “US politician advocates killing LGBTQ people, socialists

    • Practice in the USA is very ambiguous on this.

      Gordon L. Chadwick from Texas got 30 months in prison for threatening the life of President George W. Bush. Contrary to the “Reverend” preacher Anderson, who preached about killing Obama and gays, Gordon L. Chadwick was in jail while writing that, so the threat could not be taken seriously. Unlike in the case of the “Reverend” Anderson, who is scot-free. Gordon L. Chadwick did not have a gun at the time of his threat, being in jail; while the “Reverend” Anderson and his wingnut clique run around with guns. Gordon L. Chadwick had a history of official mental instability. The “Reverend” Anderson cannot claim that as an excuse.



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