Whaling, terrible for whales, benefited some birds

This 2017 video says about itself:

Blue whales are the largest animals to have ever existed. Learn why they’re larger than any land animal and why they were hunted for years, making them endangered.

Recently, a Dutch book was published, called Een zee van traan • Vier eeuwen Nederlandse walvisvaart, 1612-1964, by Jaap R. Bruijn and Louwrens Hacquebord. It is about the history of Dutch whaling.

The killing of millions of whales was a disaster for many whale species. However, this meant, the authors say, that some other animal species eating krill, small sea snails or other animals formerly eaten by whales might increase. In the Antarctic, some penguin species did increase. In the Arctic, little auks increased.

This 2015 video from the Arctic says about itself:

Big Trouble for Little Birds | National Geographic

Franz Josef Land is home to 50 species of seabirds. One of them, the little auk, has seen a drop in body mass in recent years. Enric Sala and the Pristine Seas team investigate the possible causes to help save the species.

Facebook censors leftist anti-Trump artist

This 1 June 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Lefty Banned From Facebook For Turning MAGA Hats Into Hate Symbols

An artist who redesigns President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hats into recognizable symbols of hate speech says she was banned from Facebook for violating the platform’s standards.

Kate Kretz of Mount Rainier, Md., rips apart the iconic red campaign hat and resews it to look like other symbols, such as a Nazi armband or a Ku Klux Klan hood, WUSA 9 reported.

“The armband is actually titled, ‘Only the Terrorized Own the Right to Name Symbols of Terror,’ and so if people are afraid of people that are walking around with MAGA hats, because they’re afraid of violence,” Kretz said. “It’s not really up to the wearer to say ‘oh you shouldn’t feel afraid of me.'”

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United States wars cause domestic damage

This 2 June 2019 video by United States Iraq war veteran, congresswoman and Democratic party presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard says about itself:

Stupid Wars Suck–Literally

Stupid regime change wars suck badly needed funds from our domestic needs such as healthcare, infrastructure, protecting the environment, and more. This will end when I’m president.

Badgers at play, videos

This 29 May 2019 video shows young badgers at play in Limburg province in the Netherlands.

Sjaak Jansen made this video.

This 29 May 2019 video shows a badger family in the Maasheggen nature reserve in Limburg province in the Netherlands. These animals are unusual because of their brownish colour, while badgers are usually black, white and grey.

Trump’s Saudi weapons sales for bloody Yemen war

This 2 June 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Trump’s Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia: An Impeachable Offense?

Trump pulled an end run around Congress when he declared a national emergency letting him sell arms to Saudi Arabia. We speak to RootsAction‘s David Swanson about whether the move is an impeachable offense.