Trump’s ambassador wants more Dutch money for wars

This 28 May 2019 video by Iraq war veteran, United States Democratic party congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, says about itself:

I know the cost of war. When I came home from my 2nd deployment [to Iraq], I vowed to fight for peace, standing up to the most powerful, meeting with both friends and adversaries. Peace gives America our future. That’s why I’ll never stop fighting for peace.

Dutch daily De Volkskrant reports today that Pete Hoekstra, the ambassador of United States president Trump in the Netherlands, is angry with the Dutch government. The Dutch government in its recent budget proposals says they want to spend 1.5 billion euros extra on militarism until 2024, and 162 million a year extra after that.

According to Hoekstra, that is still not enough.

Richard Grenell, Trump’s ambassador in Germany, recently also attacked the German government, saying they did not increase their military budget enough.

The Dutch minister of ‘defence’ war, Ank Bijleveld-Schouten, agrees that more should be spent on militarism. But she says Hoekstra’s criticism is too harsh; as Dutch soldiers participate a lot in military interventions abroad.

4 thoughts on “Trump’s ambassador wants more Dutch money for wars

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