Dutch king invites Donald Trump

This 28 May 2019 video from the USA is called Trump Declares Emergency & Bypasses Congress To Give Saüdi Arabia More Weapons.

Willem-Alexander I is the king of the Netherlands. Some people like him. Others object to hereditary heads of state; or to the king’s shooting of animals; or to the much taxpayers’ money which the royal family costs.

Today, Dutch NOS TV reports that King Willem-Alexander has invited the president of the USA, Donald Trump, to the Netherlands. I don’t know if behind that invitation is the king himself, or the right-wing Dutch government.

Trump is invited for the 31 August 2019 commemoration of the 1944 World War II Battle of the Scheldt. In that battle, mostly Canadian, and also Polish and British soldiers defeated German nazi occupiers of Dutch Zeeland province. No United States troops were involved. So, it is not logical to invite any president of the USA to that commemoration. And certainly not if that president is Donald Trump. Who reminds many people more of Adolf Hitler than of US World War II President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, with his war on immigrant children, his war on LGBTQ people, his denial of global warming, his war threats against Venezuela, Iran etc., his nuclear weapons escalation, etc. etc.

NOS TV says (translated):

The invitation by the king is unusual, because it is not yet certain whether Trump will come. Normally an invitation is only sent if there are indications that the guest is open to it.

If Trump will indeed come, then I hope that there will be many demonstrators on 31 August from the Netherlands, and from Belgium, which is not far from Terneuzen. To protest against Trump’s misogyny, warmongering, xenophobia, destruction of the environment, attacks on civil liberties, support for killing endangered animals, and more.

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