New spoonbill nesting colony on Texel island

This is a Eurasian spoonbill video.

Wildlife warden Anna Sprenkeling on Texel island in the Netherlands reports today that this spring, there is a new Eurasian spoonbill nesting colony in the Slufter nature reserve.

There were already three Texel spoonbill colonies: the Muy, the Schorren and the Geul.

In the 1980s there were just about 100 spoonbill couples in all of the Netherlands. That has now increased to about 2500.

So far, 16 nests have been counted in the Slufter; 27 in the Muy; and 378 in the Geul. Very probably, more birds will still start nesting.

4 thoughts on “New spoonbill nesting colony on Texel island

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