Lizard, black-eared wheatear of Tilos, Greece

This August 2018 video is about Tilos island in Greece.

After 11 May 2019 on Tilos came 12 May.

We walked again to Skafi beach, in the north of the island.

Sounds of migrating bee-eaters and golden orioles.

A clouded yellow butterfly.

Two spotted flycatchers on a bush.

A golden oriole flies.

Sling-tailed agama, 12 May 2019

As we come closer to Skafi, a sling-tailed agama lizard on its usual rock next to the footpath.

Sling-tailed agama, on 12 May 2019

Sling-tailed agama lizard, 12 May 2019

In Skafi bay, two shags swimming and diving.

Skafi, 12 May 2019

Besides these birds, there were, of course, the rocky shore and the waves at Skafi.

Skafi, on 12 May 2019

Skafi flowers, 12 May 2019

As we walk back, these purple flowers.

On a bush, a singing woodchat shrike on the top of a bush.

Black-eared wheatear, 12 May 2019

Then, this black-eared wheatear.

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