Anti-Semitism increasing in Germany

This 14 September 2018 video says about itself:

Germany: Chemnitz restaurateur recounts horrifying anti-Semitic attack

The owner of Chemnitz’s Schalom restaurant Uwe Dziuballa recounted how a recent anti-Semitic attack on his establishment unfolded during an interview on Friday.

Dziuballa recalled how a group of right-wing protesters, wearing black, attacked the restaurant on the evening of August 27 while the city was experiencing a series of violent anti-immigrant demonstrations.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

In Germany, the special government envoy engaged in the fight against anti-Semitism has advised Jews not to go out into the streets with a kippah on. This is due to increasing societal rudeness. A year ago, the Central Jewish Council also issued such a warning. …

He [the envoy] says that anti-Semitic violations in nine out of ten cases come from far right-wing circles.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Semitism increasing in Germany

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