Cretzschmar’s bunting, elephant, flowers of Tilos, Greece

Flowers, on 8 May 2019

Still 8 May 2019 on Tilos island in Greece. As we walked back from the mountains above Agios Petros bay, we saw these flowers.

Two black-eared wheatears.

Cretzschmar's bunting, 8 May 2019

Then, a special bird of this rocky area: a Cretzschmar’s bunting.

Elephant, 8 May 2019

We passed a house on which an elephant had been painted: reminiscent of the small elephant species living on Tilos until a few thousand years ago.

As we walk back to Megalo Chorio, a Balkan yellow wagtail sits on a fence.

A male Eleonora’s falcon flying.

Holy orchids, 8 May 2019

Holy orchids growing along the road.

Poppy, 8 May 2019

So did this poppy and other flowers.

Butterfly, 8 May 2019

We saw this butterfly, probably a Turkish meadow brown, on this flower.

A chukar partridge flies away.


5 thoughts on “Cretzschmar’s bunting, elephant, flowers of Tilos, Greece

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