Squacco herons, bee-eaters, flowers of Tilos

Wave, 7 May 2019

After 6 May 2019 on Tilos in Greece came 7 May. First, we went to Hagios Antonios. Where we saw this wave in the Aegean sea.

Yellow-legged gull, 7 May 2019

And where we saw this yellow-legged gull.

Two squacco herons flying along the coast.

Wave, on 7 May 2019

Then, we went to Eristos beach. Where there were waves as well.

Flowers, 7 May 2019

We walked back to Megalo Chorio. Along beautiful flowers …

Flowers, on 7 May 2019

Flowers and oats, 7 May 2019

… and oats …

Wild carrot, 7 May 2019

… and this wild carrot flower …

Wild carrot, on 7 May 2019

… and this other wild carrot flower.

Bee-eaters sitting on wires.

Just before the village, a clouded yellow butterfly.

In the village, a male red-footed falcon flying.

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