Migrating wagtails reuniting, partridges, wheatear, flowers

Path, 29 April 2019

After 28 April 2019 on Tilos island in Greece came 29 April. When we went on this footpath to Skafi beach.

Path, on 29 April 2019

An Alpine swift flying.

A snake-eyed lizard on a wall.

A migrating red-footed falcon flying.

Skafi, 29 April 2019

As we continued to walk, the Skafi coast became visible.

A sling-tailed agama again, on the same big rock as last time. This time, a juvenile individual.

On a shrub, a woodchat shrike.

A clouded yellow butterfly.

Skafi flowers, 29 April 2019

Near the coast, these small pink flowers.

Skafi purple flowers, 29 April 2019

And these bigger flowers.

Skafi white flowers, 29 April 2019

We arrive at the Skafi coast.

On a rock, a male black-eared wheatear.

A few minutes after the wheatear was gone, another bird landed on a rock nearby. it was a Balkan wagtail.

For about ten minutes, the wagtail sat there quite still. Every now and then, it turned its head to look around. Was it waiting for something? For what?

Another five minutes with the bird still on the same rock. Then, it turned out what it had been waiting for. Two fellow Balkan wagtails on spring migration north sat down on a rock next to the first arrived individual. They celebrated their reunion, tweeting excitedly. Reminiscent of refugees from wars in Afghanistan, Syria or elsewhere, reuniting with years of joy on a Greek island with relatives or other travel companions whom they had temporarily lost contact with during their Odyssey.

Poppies, 29 April 2019

We walked back along these common poppies.

Walls, 29 April 2019

And along these walls.

As we walked back, two Chukar partridges crossed the path, flying.

Just before arriving back in Megalo Chorio, a red admiral butterfly.


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