May Day 2019 all over the world

This April 27 2019 is called Happy International Workers’ Solidarity Day, May 01, 2019.

This video from the USA says about itself:

May Day Socialist March in LA, 2019

“No borders! No Nations! End deportations!” A coalition of unions, socialist, communist, progressive and anarchist groups came together this afternoon in Los Angeles to celebrate May Day and protest Donald Trump. Filmed by Ford Fischer

This 1 May 2019 video is called Protesters arrested during banned May Day protest in Turkey.

As over 310,000 people marched in France for May Day, the international holiday of the working class, riot police launched a brutal and bloody crackdown in Paris. Trade unions as well as “yellow vest” protesters demanding the ouster of President Emmanuel Macron, the “president of the rich,” organized rallies in cities across the country: here.

This 1 May 2019 video is about workers in Jakarta, Indonesia gathering for May Day.

A report on the London, England May Day demonstration is here.

This video is about the Dutch trade unions’ May Day rally.

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