Flowers, Sardinian warbler and swallows of Tilos

This 30 October 2018 video is called TILOS island in the sun, GREECE.

After 25 April 2019, 26 April on Tilos.

Once again, walking to Eristos beach.

Monastery, 26 April 2014

Close to the graveyard of Megalo Chorio village is this ancient monastery building.

Plants, 26 April 2019

Again, fields full of flowers.

Megalo Chorio, 26 April 2019

Looking back, we see Megalo Chorio village.

Sardinian warbler, 26 April 2019

This Sardinian warbler is one of many of its species here.

A hoopoe calls.

Arum dioscoridis, 26 April 2019

Along the path, this Arum dioscoridis flower.

Oats and poppìes, 26 April 2019

And these oats and common poppies.

Purple flowers, 26 April 2019

And these beautiful purple flowers.

Purple flowers, on 26 April 2019

A grey heron flies.

So does a clouded yellow butterfly.

Not far from Eristos beach, a woodchat shrike on a wire.

Eristos beach, 26 April 2019

We arrived at the beach.

Eristos beach, on 26 April 2019

Searocket, 26 April 2019

Searocket flowers.

Again, a shag swimming in the bay.

Alpine swifts and barn swallows flying north in their spring migration.

Near the bus stop, a barn swallow sits down on a wire. Minutes later, a second swallow sits next to it. Still minutes later, a third bird joins them.

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