Spanish neofascists support bullfighting

This 29 May 2017 video from the Netherlands says about itself:

Franco‘s No.1 Fan: Dutch museum for Spain’s dictator

One Dutch man is such a big fan of Franco, Spain’s dictator, that he’s opened a museum for him in Amsterdam, 40 years after he died.

That Franco supporter votes for the Dutch xenophobic party of Geert Wilders. On the internet, he blames democracy for the coming of ´niggers´, Muslims, drugs and other ´evils´ to Europe. So, democracy should be replaced with Franco style dictatorships. If someone criticizes Franco, then he calls that critic ´rojo de mierda´, commie piece of shit, telling the critic to ´fuck off to Cuba´.

Unfortunately, not all Franco dictatorship supporters are in a museum.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

It is no coincidence that Vox has chosen the bullring in the Madrid suburb of Leganés for a meeting. The party has appeared in recent weeks in all possible places that have something to do with the tradition or history of Spain.

So Vox kicked off the campaign in Covadonga, because of the reconquista that started there, the Christian recapture of the Iberian Peninsula from the Muslims (Moors). Later, because of the European discovery of America, the party appeared on Columbus Square in Madrid.

At the party meeting in Leganés, Eviva España pops out of the sound system, the hit song that once made Imca Marina famous in the Netherlands. Bullfighter Serafín Marín, one of the candidates from Vox, is watching with satisfaction. … “Bullfighting, that’s the future. The left wants to destroy it all.” …

Vox is far right, but is different in one issue from comparable parties in Europe. The party was given a boost by the Catalan crisis and the party meetings are mainly calling for ending separatism.

“We are going to restore order”, party leader Santiago Abascal

Ex-member of the Partido Popular, founded by ex-ministers of the Franco dictatorship, but officially a center right ‘Christian democrat’ party.

calls in the arena of Leganés. “We are going to defend unity and ban the parties who want independence. We are sick and tired of them receiving our tax money. That is how they destroy Spain, the sacred legacy we received from our grandparents.” …

Recently, Abascal still admitted always walking around with a gun. …

The party will participate in the national elections for the first time tomorrow. According to polls, Vox can get 35 out of 350 seats in parliament. From that moment on, the other conservative parties (Partido Popular and Ciudadanos) cannot ignore Vox. …

[AVox supporter says:] “They want to take everything away from us. Vox protects hunting, … bullfighting.”

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