Donald Trump helps war profiteers

This 4 December 2018 Deutsche Welle video from Germany says about itself:

Yemen and the global arms trade | DW Documentary

Weapons manufactured in the West and exported to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have ended up in the hands of Yemeni [Saudi puppet or UAE puppet mercenary] militia.

This is directly in contravention of international law and arms trade treaties. A documentary by the independent journalist network Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) reveals the shocking details.

Egyptian journalist Mohamed Aboelgheit spent a year tracing and documenting the origin of weapons that have ended up in the hands of armed groups fighting in Yemen’s civil war. The countries of origin include Germany, the US, the UK, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Serbia, Bulgaria and others.

Yet according to international treaties, these arms should never have reached Yemeni militia groups. Aboelgheit created social media accounts using false Yemeni names to get access to the informal trading networks and groups. In some cases the sellers were at pains to emphasize that the weapons were brand new and had never been fired. The documentary airs weighty evidence to show that Gulf states have been passing arms sold to their military on to other parties in Yemen – for political reasons. This is clearly in breach of “end user” certification laws intended to ensure that exported arms are not passed on to third parties.

From daily The Guardian in Britain, 26 April 2019:

Donald Trump has announced that the US will withdraw its support for a United Nations treaty regulating the multibillion-dollar global arms trade.

Addressing the National Rifle Association (NRA) in Indianapolis, the president said he would revoke America’s status as a signatory of the arms trade treaty regulating conventional weapons including small arms, battle tanks, combat aircraft and warships.

10 thoughts on “Donald Trump helps war profiteers

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