Spanish neofascists support bullfighting

This 29 May 2017 video from the Netherlands says about itself:

Franco‘s No.1 Fan: Dutch museum for Spain’s dictator

One Dutch man is such a big fan of Franco, Spain’s dictator, that he’s opened a museum for him in Amsterdam, 40 years after he died.

That Franco supporter votes for the Dutch xenophobic party of Geert Wilders. On the internet, he blames democracy for the coming of ´niggers´, Muslims, drugs and other ´evils´ to Europe. So, democracy should be replaced with Franco style dictatorships. If someone criticizes Franco, then he calls that critic ´rojo de mierda´, commie piece of shit, telling the critic to ´fuck off to Cuba´.

Unfortunately, not all Franco dictatorship supporters are in a museum.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

It is no coincidence that Vox has chosen the bullring in the Madrid suburb of Leganés for a meeting. The party has appeared in recent weeks in all possible places that have something to do with the tradition or history of Spain.

So Vox kicked off the campaign in Covadonga, because of the reconquista that started there, the Christian recapture of the Iberian Peninsula from the Muslims (Moors). Later, because of the European discovery of America, the party appeared on Columbus Square in Madrid.

At the party meeting in Leganés, Eviva España pops out of the sound system, the hit song that once made Imca Marina famous in the Netherlands. Bullfighter Serafín Marín, one of the candidates from Vox, is watching with satisfaction. … “Bullfighting, that’s the future. The left wants to destroy it all.” …

Vox is far right, but is different in one issue from comparable parties in Europe. The party was given a boost by the Catalan crisis and the party meetings are mainly calling for ending separatism.

“We are going to restore order”, party leader Santiago Abascal

Ex-member of the Partido Popular, founded by ex-ministers of the Franco dictatorship, but officially a center right ‘Christian democrat’ party.

calls in the arena of Leganés. “We are going to defend unity and ban the parties who want independence. We are sick and tired of them receiving our tax money. That is how they destroy Spain, the sacred legacy we received from our grandparents.” …

Recently, Abascal still admitted always walking around with a gun. …

The party will participate in the national elections for the first time tomorrow. According to polls, Vox can get 35 out of 350 seats in parliament. From that moment on, the other conservative parties (Partido Popular and Ciudadanos) cannot ignore Vox. …

[AVox supporter says:] “They want to take everything away from us. Vox protects hunting, … bullfighting.”

Flowers and birds of Tilos, Greece

This is a 17 July 2014 video showing Tilos island in Greece from a passenger aircraft.

After 22 April 2019 came 23 April on Tilos.

We went by bus from Megalo Chorio to Livadia, the harbour village.

Near Eristos beach, a male golden oriole on his spring migration flying.

In Livadia we walked along the coastal boulevard, named after the late local leftist doctor and mayor Tasos Aliferis.

Protea, 23 April 2019 Protea, 23 April 2019

There were various Protea flowers, originally from South Africa.

Proteas, 23 April 2019

Some of these proteas grew in gardens, other, feral, ones on the upper part of the beach.

Proteas, on 23 April 2019

Searocket, 23 April 2019

Also autochthonous wild flowers on the beach: these European searocket flowers. Between tamarisk trees.

Searocket, on 23 April 2019

A yellow-legged gull flies over the sea.

Hooded crows and house sparrows on buildings.

Libya, European Union-subsidized hell for refugees

This video is called EXCLUSIVE: Full incident of 06 November 2017 with the Libyan Coast Guard.

Translated from Maite Vermeulen, 24 April 2019, on Dutch site De Correspondent:

At the end of 2017, a boat with 150 African migrants sank on the Mediterranean Sea. Some drown, some are brought to Italy, some disappear in a hellish Libyan detention center. 17 survivors are now taking legal action. And it may turn the entire European Union migration policy upside down. …

It is becoming increasingly difficult to rescue migrants in distress in the Mediterranean as the Libyan Coast Guard acts more and more aggressively in international waters.

The Libyans don’t do that for fun, but for money. The Libyan Coast Guard is funded, equipped and coordinated by Italy and the EU. That’s how we save migrants from drowning, is the official story. And, oh yes, nicely included: fewer migrants arrive in Europe this way. Because the Libyans take the migrants back to their own coast and put them there in detention centers.

That makes people in this room furious, especially researcher Charles Heller. He believes that the violence that these migrants endure in Libya, while according to international treaties they are entitled to a fair asylum procedure, is the greatest injustice of our time.

Hence the subject of the meeting: strategic litigation. … Start a lawsuit in the hope that this will result in case law that forces countries to review their policies.

… Heller’s work has previously been the basis for such strategic matters. He is at the helm of Forensic Oceanography, a research project at the University of London that reconstructs human rights violations at sea.

According to international and European law you cannot send refugees back to countries like Libya, where their life or freedom are at risk.

The question that now keeps Heller awake is: how can you hold Europe legally responsible for the actions of the Libyan coast guard? Or, as he says in his characteristic tone – thoughtfully but confidently – to the group in Paris: “How do you translate violence into violations?” …

Patrick has not slept for more than 24 hours. But there is no room to sit anywhere, let alone lie. They are packed like animals. They have not received any food, no drinks. With water from the toilet bowl in the corner, he flushed the salt from his mouth. He has scratches and bruises everywhere from the fighting on the sinking boat.

His daughter is dead. He knows for sure. In the wave caused by the Libyan coast guard ship, he saw the man holding her disappear overboard.

When he was pulled onto the deck of the Libyan ship, it was chaos – men and women were separated, the Libyans beat people with ropes.

He has seen his wife there, but he has not been able to talk to her.

Patrick is pushed around the prison, he is not allowed to stand anywhere. Fuck off, get out. A man taps him on the shoulder: asks if he’s from Benin City, too. ‘Yes Yes! I had a clothing store there”, says Patrick. The man gives him a place where he can crawl on his side against a wall. …

“It is possible that this case can prove Europe’s complicity in refoulement and death of migrants at sea, using all the video material and the recordings of radio traffic.” …

In Libya, where Samuel hoped to find work, he was abducted, sold at a slave market and forced to work day in, day out at a tomato farm.

After eight months he managed to escape, in the chaos of fighting between two armed groups. A Libyan who felt sorry for him said he could take him to a safe place in Egypt. Only on the rubber boat did he hear that they were going to Europe.

Samuel kept himself alive for more than two hours before being pulled aboard by one of Sea-Watch’s speedboats. When a boy who could not swim pulled him under water, he thought he would die. But he managed to drag him up and grab a life jacket. That way they both stayed afloat. …

When Charles Heller sees the images for the first time, he thinks: What have we done? It suddenly comes in: European Union policy has made the sea a deadly liquid.

The gigantic inequality in the value of human lives – he had never before seen that so clearly.

And that makes this case absolutely unique. Not before they had such a wealth of information at Forensic Oceanography to help reconstruct an incident. …

When Charles hangs up the phone, he knows: they are another step closer to their smoking gun. After weeks of trying, he finally got the Libyan Coast Guard Sergeant back on the line. He spoke to him earlier, just after the incident. But now Sergeant Masoud Abdel Samad has confirmed that they received the coordinates of the rubber boat from Rome on 6 November. In other words: without the Italians, the Libyans would never have been there.

It is one of the many pieces of evidence that Charles Heller and his colleague Lorenzo Pezzani have received.

Another favourite: a photo they found in the Reuters press agency archive, taken on May 15, 2017.

Right in the middle is the Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti,

Mr Minniti was minister in the previous Italian ´center left´ government. Not in the present right wing government.

surrounded by a myriad of cameras. Behind him lies a new, light gray boat. The number 648 is clearly legible on the bow.

Charles knows that number. He watched the Sea-Watch videos for hours: it is the same boat that the Libyan coast guard used on November 6, 2017. The same boat that capsized the “balloon” rubber boat of Patrick and Samuel.

In addition, internal EU reports show that eight of the thirteen Libyan crew members on boat 648 have been trained by the EU.

A whole team of legal experts is now involved in the case. It looks like they’re getting the evidence against Italy. …

Contact with the men who are still in Libya was emotionally the hardest – perhaps too heavy. The stories about torture, slave trade, electrocution. The tangible fear on the phone. …

At sea, migrants in need are increasingly left to their own devices. At the beginning of this year, the Sea-Watch 3 was the only European lifeboat to pick up drowning people. She traveled around Europe’s coasts for several weeks before being allowed to drop rescued migrants into a European port.

In February the boat was chained in Sicily by order of the Dutch government.

And in March, the EU also stopped its anti-smuggling operations in the Mediterranean.

‘Europe [the European Union] wanted to demoralise us, to keep us away, to make sure we wouldn’t save any more migrants’. Ben Cowles speaks to FABIAN HEINZ, volunteer activist aboard the migrant rescue boat Europe turned its back on.

British Conservatives train Bahraini prison torturers

British Conservative prime minister Theresa May poses with Bahrain's tyrannical king Hamad Bin Isa Khalifa

By Phil Miller in Britain:

Friday, April 26, 2019

Bahraini jail guards visit Britain for training

PRISON guards from a brutal Middle Eastern dictatorship visited Britain for training shortly before Easter, it has emerged.

Their visit was reported in Bahraini newspaper Akhbar Al Khaleej, which supports the regime.

The delegation was led by Brigadier General Abdul Salam al-Araifi, a senior figure in Bahrain’s prison system, it said.

The small Gulf island has the one of the largest proportions of people behind bars in the Middle East.

Many of them are political prisoners jailed for opposing the country’s king Hamad bin Isa bin Salman al-Khalifa.

The newspaper report said the visit was designed “to exchange experiences” and “discuss various aspects of co-operation in developing the work of correctional institutions.”

The visit has alarmed a Bahraini exile in Britain.

Sayed Ahmed Alwadaei, director of advocacy at the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy (Bird), said it was “appalling.”

Bird is especially concerned that senior officials from Jau prison could have been part of the delegation.

“Multiple reports have highlighted mistreatment and torture in Jau Prison and there are countless recorded cases of authorities denying inmates adequate medical care,” Mr Alwadaei said.

It is not known which prisons in Britain the Bahrainis visited.

The Scottish and Northern Irish prison services told the Morning Star no-one from Bahrain had visited in April.

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) said it received international visitors “all the time” and did not keep a central log of visits.

However the MoJ said it was not involved in arranging this particular visit, and directed the Star to the Foreign Office – which then did not respond to requests for comment.

Bird said: “It is highly ironic that Bahrain has shown a greater openness about British involvement than the [British] government.

“Parliamentarians must not allow this scandal to pass without asking serious questions.”

Agoutis in Panama, video

This video from Panama says about itself:

Agouti And A Look At The Cam Surroundings – April 22, 2019

Normally the cam is zoomed right in on the platform so we can have a high definition, close look at the creatures that forage here, yet today we offered a broader picture. The reward for this was that we were able to watch some Central American agoutis foraging around the feeding platform and trails!

I remember this species from Costa Rica.

Donald Trump helps war profiteers

This 4 December 2018 Deutsche Welle video from Germany says about itself:

Yemen and the global arms trade | DW Documentary

Weapons manufactured in the West and exported to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have ended up in the hands of Yemeni [Saudi puppet or UAE puppet mercenary] militia.

This is directly in contravention of international law and arms trade treaties. A documentary by the independent journalist network Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) reveals the shocking details.

Egyptian journalist Mohamed Aboelgheit spent a year tracing and documenting the origin of weapons that have ended up in the hands of armed groups fighting in Yemen’s civil war. The countries of origin include Germany, the US, the UK, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Serbia, Bulgaria and others.

Yet according to international treaties, these arms should never have reached Yemeni militia groups. Aboelgheit created social media accounts using false Yemeni names to get access to the informal trading networks and groups. In some cases the sellers were at pains to emphasize that the weapons were brand new and had never been fired. The documentary airs weighty evidence to show that Gulf states have been passing arms sold to their military on to other parties in Yemen – for political reasons. This is clearly in breach of “end user” certification laws intended to ensure that exported arms are not passed on to third parties.

From daily The Guardian in Britain, 26 April 2019:

Donald Trump has announced that the US will withdraw its support for a United Nations treaty regulating the multibillion-dollar global arms trade.

Addressing the National Rifle Association (NRA) in Indianapolis, the president said he would revoke America’s status as a signatory of the arms trade treaty regulating conventional weapons including small arms, battle tanks, combat aircraft and warships.