1932 great cormorant ring discovery in Naardermeer

The 1932 great cormorant ring, photo by Luc Hoogenstein

This photo by Luc Hoogenstein shows a bird ring of the Dutch natural history museum in Leiden, affixed to a great cormorant in 1932.

Recently, that old ring was found in the Naardermeer nature reserve.

The ring was affixed in Lekkerkerk; where then was a big great cormorant nesting colony. Great cormorants then did not nest yet in the Naardermeer. They did so for the first time in 1937, with just three nests. Now they are many more.

This old ring indicates that the Naardermeer colony was started by Lekkerkerk birds.

2 thoughts on “1932 great cormorant ring discovery in Naardermeer

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