Stop Shell tax dodging, Dutch opposition says

This 28 November 2018 Dutch TV video says about itself:

Dutch Royal Shell does not pay tax!

Well did we not know! Nice news about Dutch Royal Shell NOT paying taxes over billions. Old news, but what is being done?

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

GL [Greens], Socialist Party and [social democrat] PvdA want to tackle Shell tax dodging

The opposition parties GroenLinks, SP and PvdA want multinationals like Shell to pay income tax in the Netherlands. They are submitting a bill to the House of Representatives this week.

Now big Dutch corporations can still deduct losses abroad from profits in the Netherlands. Newspaper Trouw possesses a document that shows that by this way of dodging Shell does not pay any profit tax at all.

‘Social climate’

Previous attempts have been made to adjust the scheme, including in parliament, but they have not succeeded. According to GroenLinks MP Snels, this proposal has a chance now because the “social climate” has changed. “People no longer accept this.”

He says that the [right-wing government] coalition parties are now also worried about the current construction and hope to get support from D66 and the ChristenUnie.

These two are the least right-wing in the coalition government. However, they have previously sacrificed principles to government jobs.

See also here.

Shell accused of illegally dumping toxic waste in Patagonia, Argentina: here.

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